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How can I lower my data usage from 3+ GB/hour?


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Ideally this could be posted in three separate forums, as I use TiviMate Premium to stream my IPTV shows on a firestick 4k. Less often, I stream Netflix, Hulu Live, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+. Mostly I watch live programming via TiviMate...

I now am exceeding 1TB cap due to 3+GB/hr data usage and trying my best to not pay additional monthly fees! I've researched, read all I can find, and been tweaking settings while monitoring impacts on data usage. I've done the following steps & am hoping for suggestions on those I may have overlooked:
- Turned off ads, auto-play video/sound, app auto-updates in Firestick 4k preferences
- Set Firestick 4k video quality to Good (does this help limit data usage on all firestick apps or only Amazon Prime hosted video?? And better vs good seemed almost interchangeable/backwards labelled??)
- Set Netflix video quality to Medium which did the trick, but I don't see any like settings in Tivimate, Hulu (only exist on mobile and pc apps?), etc

I tried video resolution at 720p 60 Hz under my Firestick display settings, but that didn't seem to help any. If necessary, I will consider switching from TiviMate to another app if it provides the needed control... Any suggestions on how I can bring my usage closer to 1-2 Gb/hour?? I don't need 4K quality video!

Thanks in advance!
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