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Global subtitle setting not persisting.


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My subtitles are all embedded in mp4 and mkv's. They are either SRT or PGS. If I toggle them on and hit "Set as default for all media" subtitles are shown multiple videos until Kodi is exited. Upon starting Kodi again the setting is cleared.

Kodi 18.6 on Android TV.

Anyone know how make that setting persist for Kodi on Android TV.
tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/
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In Kodi you can add subtitles to set any language you want.
First you need an add-on for subtitles I think open subtitles and subscene or many others can be selected.
When playing any Avi or MP4 then you can have Kodi download the subtitles for you during playback.

Before I go further. Is this what you are asking for. If so I will guide you on the steps