Get ROKU Channel on your ROKU Device with New IPTV Smarters Pro v3!


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Please follow the below steps to install the ROKU channel in your ROKU device via the side-loading method

Note: This will remove any already installed side-loaded channel. At a time only ONE side-loaded channel can be established as per ROKU. Pre-requisites:

1. You should have a channel package ( provided by your service provider.
2. You should have working and latest OS updated ROKU device

Step1: Enable Developer Settings on a Roku device

Using your Roku remote, enter the following sequence:


• HOME – Three times
• UP – Two times
• RIGHT – One time
• LEFT – One time
• RIGHT – One time
• LEFT – One time
• RIGHT – One time

Make sure you do this quickly and in the above order.

This will open the Developer Settings screen on your ROKU device.

Still, if you need further assistance to install the ROKU channel on your ROKU device you can visit: OTT App Development |IPTV Smarters Roku | WHMCSSmarters
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