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Get Rebranding Android IPTV apps for your business


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If you are looking for rebranded android IPTV app then it is a good decision because developing a new IPTV app from scratch is not a great idea. It will take a lot of time and money. But a customized app can save your time and money. You can get your app ready in just a few hours. This rebranded app is developed by experienced IPTV developers and used by millions of users. You will get your app with your rebranding and your logo. There are a lot of benefits of rebranding the Android IPTV App. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • You can get changes in any Graphics (logo, background, colors, etc.)
  • You will get a hardcode DNS portal URL.
  • Get changes in any texts or buttons & app name
  • This app is friendly with xtream codes and xtream UI Panels…
  • The app can be ready in just a few hours.
If you are thinking of rebranding Android IPTV app then, Smarters is the best company for you. Smarters is a well-known software-developed company that can help you with the best customized Android IPTV app for your business. Get it now!
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