Games Masters IPTV

June 15, 2024. Trying to pay monthly fee but site is down. Does anyone have an alternate web address for payment? Thanks!
I am trying to pay my monthly fee too? Hopefully it will be back up.
I just paid/renewed my service a couple of minutes ago. Can confirm the site is up, at least for now.

BTW, could anyone PM me the XC Server URL please? Would like to confirm if there's just one yet, or if there's an alternative?

The URL was blocked on my job so now won't be able to stream from GM! :'(
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Anyone have issues while watching and the show backs up about 5-10 seconds and replays from there? Doesn’t happen all the time but at least a few days a week
Multiple reasons, net speed, connection interference...vpn can help out. Media players also interfere, I find tivimate is the best player. Communicate with provider for assistance also.
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