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Hi all. As far as VOD is concerned I never used it on GM. I've been using Kodi for years. I like to keep it simple so no builds or skins. I use the Venom and Crew add-ons with a Real-Debrid account. For sports there is a great add-on called End Zone. It's free and it's a great backup for live sports streams. In the U.S. you don't really need a VPN to stream, even cached torrents as they are behind the Real-Debrid servers (unless your ISP somehow throttles those servers but if that is the case find a new ISP). If you download or do any P2P sharing I would suggest a VPN.

Just my 2 cents 😎. Enjoy your streaming and thanks Game Master for getting us back up and able to pay. At $5/month if you are complaining about customer service go see what you get from your $90 cable TV provider. We will see you crawling back next month. Also thanks Husham for providing a forum for (some) people to educate themselves on IPTV and for others to vent and/or just stay in the loop.
I completely agree with what you are saying. I'd only suggest that you install Seren as an addon, since you already have real-debrid. Seren is fantastic and only works with a real-debrid subscription and just does torrents. The quality is fantastic. I never even go to my other addons like Numbers or Exodus anymore. My movies are all Bluray rips, and often with multiple language soundtracks, which is fine. If I get a Russian soundtrack on an English movie, it's so easy to just switch to English, as if it were an actual Bluray.


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I opened a real-debrid account and installed Seren to my Kodi, linked my Trakt account and when I try to play a show it will show the screen with zero sources and nothing plays. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Did you set up your real-debrid on Seren? You set it up with a random code, similar to Trakt.tv.

I remember the Seren set up didn't go as smoothly as other typical addons like Exodus.

By the way, you can and should set up all your addons with your real-debrid as well.

I'll come back and look for a reply and I'll try and help you if I can.


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Why do you feel sorry for people who dont want to pay a company with terrible customer service and moved onto better?
I stayed with them because I got my service up and running quickly and I like the quality, but they suck as a company and really don't deserve our business. I have absolutely no loyalty to them and will jump ship on a second if I get furthered annoyed with their shenanigans.


I haven't read ahead to see if anyone else has responded yet. You are very new to this, so I'd recommend reading about streaming first. Nonetheless, I'll summarise what I think are some basics.

To streams movies and shows, you need an app. There are many apps you can use. Husham has links to many of them. One of the most popular ones is Cinema HD. Another one is Cyberflix. I heard it wasn't working for a while, but I read there might have been a fix. Typhoon TV is another one. There are several dozens of similar apps, and they are all easy to download and install. The problem with these apps, in my opinion, is that they don't always provide a lot sources for your streams, and they can go down. The apps sometimes stop working. They are usually fixed with an update, but if you go with these apps, you'd want to download all three of them at a minimum, for backup because they aren't always reliable. But they are easy to use. The main difference between these kind of apps and some IPTV's "VOD" is that you have a selection of streams to choose from when you want to watch a show or a movie. When Game Master had their VOD service, you just chose a show and it played almost right away. You didn't have to choose a stream. When you select something to watch on these apps, a list of stream sources generates and you pick one. What you choose will depend on what you want. Do you want a 4K stream, 1080p, 720p, standard definition? Your Internet connection might be able to handle a heavy bandwidth stream, or maybe it won't. Some streams are more compressed or are housed in better servers to make it easier for you to stream. The apps are easy to install and to use, but the reliability isn't always the greatest.

One way to make them more reliable is to subscribe to real-debrid. Real-debrid is a paid service, but quite affordable and well-worth the price. It gives you access to premium streams that you wouldn't be able to select otherwise. These premium streams are well worth it. They are high quality streams and since it is a paid service, far fewer people are trying to simultaneously trying to stream them at the same time. The result is that there is less bandwidth congestion and they are a lot more reliable. Downloading these app with a real-debrid subscription makes them useable, on my opinion.

That being said, I think that using Kodi to stream is a far better option. Kodi has been around for a long time and it's not going away. Kodi is a totally legit program that doesn't provide any content. You cannot download Kodi and start watching streams. All of the streaming content comes from the thousands of different addons, most of which are created by third parties and don't have any official association with Kodi. It's not as obvious and simple to set up and it can be overwhelming for someone new to this. I recommend growing into this over time. I doesn't seem to be for you at this moment, unless you know someone who can set it up for you. But still, I would recommend that you eventually learn how to do it yourself so you can add new addons in the future. I'll get back to that in a bit.

So once you have Kodi, you would need to download and install some addons. Kodi always advises against using unauthorised addons that have copywrited content, but that's what most people are here for. One of the most popular and enduring addons is called "Exodus Redux", and it is a good one to start. It will provide you with pretty much every show and movie, unless you're looking for shows with very few streaming sources, like stiff from the 50's or even 90's. That's normal. If there isn't a lot of demand, there won't be a lot of sources.

Kodi, with the Exodus addon, will provide you with many more sources for streams than the apps I mentioned earlier, but you need to have more technical knowledge on how to set it up. Kodi used to be the main source of streaming until these other apps came out. They are popular because you don't really need much technical knowledge and they are so easy to set up. People got away from Kodi, and I did as well, until I got sick of not being able to find decent streams for some of my shows. Then I reinstalled Kodi and remembered how great it is.

Anyway, back to my recommendations for you. I think you'd have extreme difficulty setting up Kodi and learning what to do. I only say this because I've read your posts and you are very new to this. So I'd recommend that you download Cinema HD, Typhoon TV and Cyberflix at first and use them for your streaming. Husham has articles on them and provides download links. Be careful. Many of these sites have multiple links and try and get you to download other things that you don't want. Once you download the apps, use them and see how it works. After using them for a bit, try a real-debrid subscription. It's cheap. You can get it for a few weeks or as long as a six month term. You can Google how to set up your real-debrid subscription on your streaming apps.

Then, later, when you have a better understanding of how to download and stream, you can always try Kodi. It's the best but I'd stay away from it for now because I do think, respectfully, that you'd be overwhelmed. You need to learn more first.

Getting back to Seren: it's a Kodi addon, just like Exodus. The difference is that it works only if you have a real-debrid account. It's far superior to even Exodus. That is your final goal, in my opinion.

It's a long post and I'm typing it on my phone while doing other things, so forgive the typos.

To recap what I recommend:

1. Download Cinema HD, Cyberflix and Typhoon TV and use those apps to stream your shows and movies.

2. After using these apps for a bit and after learning the ins and outs, fork out for a real-debrid subscription and set it up on all of these apps.

3. Once you feel like you want to learn more, watch a lot of YouTube videos on Kodi and download it. Remember, Kodi is just an app, empty of any streaming sources. You must install your own addons, so there are a lot more steps. Install Exodus and some other popular addons. Set up Real-debrid on them if you still have a subscription at that time.

4. Install Seren (Kodi addon) with real-debrid. Do this as your last step, as you will have done a lot of reading by this point. You might want to review what your Internet plan allows. Is there a low data cap or do they slow down your connection to discourage you from streaming? Learn what you can do about that if you experience issues, etc.

You should not rush into this and jump into Kodi right away, unless you have someone experienced to set it up. And that's fine, but you then would also then be dependent on that person to help you out of you have problems. That's not my recommendation for self-proficiency. Start slow and get Cinema HD. If you can use Netflix, you can use Cinema. Take as long as you need to to learn. You might have Kodi up and running in a month or by the end of the year. Go at your own rate and learn as it interests you.

In my opinion, IPTV is for live TV channels. I never use it for VOD. I don't know if you are back up and running on Game Master yet, but that's all they are providing (for now), and that's all that I want. If you really want VOD as part of your IPTV package, then get a subscription with one of Game Master's competitors that provides it. Just because I don't value this service, doesn't mean it's not for you. I do feel you would get a much greater selection, quality and reliability with other apps, especially Kodi and real-debrid.

I hope this helps and I will answer any questions when I come back and visit this forum. I'm less active now that most people seem to have stabilised their Game Master service or have moved to another service, but I'll pop by every once I have a while. I'm sure other people will answer your questions too.

Awww...thanks so much! :)