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Ddos on husham.com servers


Doctor, PHD
Staff member
A recent attack with ddos took down everything on all my sites.

The DDOS had a damage on the OS files which rendered the entire server down.

I would love to say that I have corrected this for the future but the truth is. Most of my servers are funded out of my pocket and provide more free things than they bring, and increase security will mean more money that I just don't have during this god forsaken times

I would love to assure my users this won't happen again but I can't say that as people seems determined to bring down husham.com servers.

I have done nothing but to help users. I have haters sure. But who doesn't. I would like to think that people can be decent enought not to bring down servers again, But truth to be too be told. TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS PLANT. we just don't know how cruel some can be.

For now all I can assure you that I increased my backups from daily to hourly and will keep these backups off-site like usual to prepare for the next hater/spammer or.just simply an IDIOT with keyboard knowledge to bring down my servers.

I can tell you that i will try my best to keep these servers alive for users to enjoy the forum and downloading from husham.com and where as buying things too.

I'm not saying all this so to ask for donations ,I dontn think that's really fair on everyone to chip in for something I like to do for free for users.

I would like to ask users to share an encourage users to buy boxes from my website Shop - Buy.Husham.Com
That way it will feel less of asking for a charity here and this will make sure I can keep the services running.

For now. I'm here to stay, Husham mic 🎤 drop