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Cpu temperature and kodi.


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Hi guys.

I've just got a fanless mini pc that I'm using as a media pc with kodi. I wasn't sure if this old i3 5005u could handle 1080p x265. But it plays these movies very well. With that I mind https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ I tried a 4k film and to my surprised it can play 4k without stuttering which my laptop with an i5 4310u cannot do.

When playing 1080p the cpu is at 20% When playing 4k it's at 75%/80%.

Is it OK to play 4k on a fanless mini pc. The box definitely feels hot.

Kodi shows me what my cpu and ram usage is and has a part for cpu temp but nothing is displayed there. Is there a way to get cpu temp readings on kodi?
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