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Chromecast with Google TV record to external hard drive


New member
I have been asking around everywhere and I have not been able to find anything that can help me so hopefully I can get a clue on this forum! I have the new Chromecast with google TV and a USB hub hooked up to it with an external hard drive. I cannot get the recording functionality to record to it no matter what I do.

I have tried plugging the the formatted FAT32 drive and change the folder in the recording settings but it fails with an error "failed to change the recordings folder" even when trying to simply choose the Tivimate app folder that apparently does not need explicit write permissions.

Next I tried to format the drive to be used as removable storage. I then set the recordings folder to one of the internal folders because there is no separate area for the external storage so I assumed the two are basically merged. However, recording just fills up internal storage and basically ignores the external.

Finally, I tried plugging a HD into my router and using SMB. However, It is only SMB1 and I cannot get it to show up in the folder search. I can see the folders in X-plore though.

Has anyone else got this to work? I have developer mode enabled and tried making usb transfer MTP instead of charging. I have also tried moving Tivimate itself to external storage but it will still only record internally. Tivimate also has the storage app permission. I read somewhere that Google TV does not allow writing to external storage so it may be a device limitation but I'm not sure if there is a workaround.

Any advice or stories of getting this working would be appreciated. Thanks!!