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Best iptv streaming device.


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I’m sure it’s in the page somewhere but I cannot find it anywhere. Right now I’m setup though my tv and. Great I have 5k channels but every time I’m looking to watch live tv I have to scroll though 30 different abc networks. So I was wondering if there is a way maybe though a different streaming device? I know that the player I’m using there is no way to filter though anything. and a lot of the channels won’t tell you what’s playing until you click on it and sit there an wait to see what’s on. So if somebody could make my life easier and tell me yes there’s a “ so and so” device that could filter everything and show me “guide perhaps maybe even a favorites list. . Ps I read the post above about the lg tv having to way to filter though channels of and save any channels. Let’s be honest all those channels are pretty worthless I know my self I only watch about 2-3 different networks. Looking to have something setup pretty quick. Thanks in advance guys.omegle xender
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