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Hi can I please get an invite for discord group as I would like to take out a month sub to see if I like it then hopefully take out a 12mth sub thanks
Is Elite Iptv legit or a scam? I paid for their trial but everything about the payment process looks fishy. And, after the payment for the 24 hour trial, I haven't received any login details. Even free trials work for better than this. Looks like I have been pawned for $2.
Okay, them seem to be legit and I have received the login details after a little while. But boy, their payment process is shady as fuck. It's so confusing.
Lesson learned about this one. Subscribed before and all was good. Just wanted another good backup so asked to subscribe again. 3 days to respond, gave me payment details, paid, and now over a day later nothing.

Update- Took 9 days, but it finally got activated.
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site wouldn't accept both my cards, so got a crypto address. sent money now not heard anything for a few days was after a trial
The server is working and up with no issues.
I was a bit not feeling well the last couple of months unfortunately.
All links have been updated and if you have issues please do reach me.
Thank You
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