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  1. Gaz-57

    Persistent Recording Issues

    Each time I 'schedule recording' to take place during the night while I am sleeping, it starts as scheduled and then fails after a few mins. (Usually 5-6mins) During the daytime I can record various streams for 4-5 hours without any issue. My Tivi mate settings are set to default for recording...
  2. Gaz-57

    What does the 'Exclamation Point' mean?

    On Tivimate recorded shows, what does the exclamation point mean?
  3. Gaz-57

    EPG missing for days? (IPTV Smarters Pro)

    Any idea where the EPG has gone? My EPG has stopped appearing several days ago. I have reinstalled the IPTV Smarters Pro program and logged in again but there's no change...still no EPG. Can i use another EPG and install it to the Smarters Pro? If so, where would I get it? Thank you.
  4. Gaz-57

    Suggestions for quality IPTV Service

    Has anyone got a suggestion for a reasonably consistent IPTV service provider? I currently use IPTV Smarters Pro, however I am having endless issues with streaming and recording buffering. IPTV Smarters offere zero tech support. (Tivi mate tech support hasn't helped much either except ofr a...
  5. Gaz-57

    TiviMate and Xaomi TV-Box Recording

    First my set up - Then I'll ask my question Set up as follows: 1) TV with Xaomi Android TV Box (Mi-Box) connected and running Android 10 with Tivimate Premium installed and IPTV Smarters Pro. 2) External WD USB 2TB HDD is connected to TV box for recording (and working). 3) USB drive is...
  6. Gaz-57

    Can Tivi-mate record a scheduled program when TV is powered off?

    Hello., Firstly let me say I am new to the forum and have been using Tivi mate for just a few days. I have been using IPTV Smarters Pro for streaming for about 6 months and it's been good except for recording programs. I have set up my new Tivi mate premium version and it appears to be...