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    24/7 chans

    MailCall would be a great add, someone please get it in the 24/7 list, thx
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    PDS Live Support Not Responding

    where can we download newest XCIPTV.apk??
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    ESPN+ & NCAA Football Guide?

    I went through 110 events on espn+, scroll through those, but i couldnt find, raging me
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    ESPN+ & NCAA Football Guide?

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    i found it, but says event 001, 002 etc
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    how do i find espn+? i see it nowhere
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    Psdlive billing issue

    Does regular $8.00 plan have 2 connections? i see only 1 on mine.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    I'm hoping this service begins working again. It's been buffering a lot for past 16 weeks, I don't understand what is going on with PDSLIVE--old game masters, etc....I did everything I was told to do, it never fixed it.
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    Server Down

    I tried a new URL 6 days ago, it never fixed it. It's still buffering constantly. Is there another one??
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    Game Master Server URL

    I tried a new URL and it is still buffering so bad
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    Game Master Server URL

    New URL please?
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    Lagging Past 4 days!!

    No iptv streams are playing well....they keep buffering after 3 seconds of play....over and over.....I am on XCIPTV app
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    Games Masters IPTV

    not seeing even the 24/7 channels to add them
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    Stream on Computer

    the m3u file please? i figured the rest out
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    Stream on Computer

    dm me on the method to use on vlc, i have vlc
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    Stream on Computer

    Is there a way to stream my game masters on my computer desktop? Can an app be downloaded to my desktop??
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Anyone have a link to XCIPTV? The google play store version has built in ads, the old version I had never had ads. I did try the direct LINK, still has ads. Anyone have LINK to old version from a 2 years ago of XCIPTV????
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    Turn off Auto Volume Lowering?

    How do I disable the feature where the app is lowering my volume automatically after I've been watching tv for an hour or more??
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    Games Masters IPTV

    MikeFL, I appreciate all that you, Crystal and the others do. And, it is certainly not OTA, the iptv is better, I enjoy having my HBO, etc.. Though, I do love PBS on OTA. Cord cutting and this go hand in hand very well. At any rate, I actually like this forum much better than the other mediums...
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