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    NextGen IPTV Forum

    are trials available?
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    Games Masters IPTV

    are trials available for this service?
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    Aurora IPTV APK

    could I have a trial please?
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    Pro IPTV Streams Forum Discussion

    could I get a trial please? [email protected]
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    I'll give that a shot
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    I have this exact same issue when I'm playing from my Firestick but no problems on my Nvidia shield so I've been blaming it on the device.
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    Have you purchased the New Shield

    I have the '17 version. It's awesome!
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    Could you send me one as well please? Mine recently jacked up their prices
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    Could I get a trial too please? I'm looking to veer away from the service I'm with.
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