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    How to watch UFC replays

    So this is not an IPTV question so I hope I’m not posting something that’s against rules. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to watch UFC replays the next morning after the fight? The main event is too late for this old dude and I like to watch them the next morning. I’ve been using...
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    re: PDS LIve Account expired

    About 24 hours. They used to get to it quicker but I’m not complaining.
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    re: PDS LIve Account expired

    They responded to my ticket and sent me an invoice. Seems to be good now.
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    re: PDS LIve Account expired

    Following. Mine is due tomorrow but the site keeps crashing on me and the invoice isn’t showing.
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    Is the app better than using XIPTV? I’d like to try it too. Could you please send it to me as well when you have time?
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    PDSLive unavailable?

    I was able to log in and make my payment. All is working fine again.
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    PDSLive unavailable?

    Question about service. Recently they have just billed my card every month and I have not received emails but this month no email and my card was not charged. I can’t get in to open a ticket. Any suggestions?
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    New URL for Gamemaster

    Good afternoon. For some reason I’m not getting any channels to work on Gamemaster. I read something about a new URL coming. Did the URL change since yesterday?
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    Game Master....New M3U’s coming soon!

    Will they email us with the new m3u?
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    I’d like to try this. Do you get PPV and everything?
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    Gamemaster went down last night

    I cleared data and tried again. It’s working now. Sorry to waste your time.
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    Gamemaster went down last night

    Any ideas on why I can’t log in? I think last time this happened the server address changes.
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    Gamemaster went down last night

    Good morning. I noticed that my service stopped working last night. When I log in it tells me “log in failed. Please check your server address, username and password.” I made sure all the info entered is correct. It’s not working on my phone either. I tried to open a support ticket but the...
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