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    Just signed up for 6 months

    Just got login info How do I set this up for Tivimate on a Firecube
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    TiviMate EPG Source

    Have had nothing but grief since the last Tivimate update I run Ghost and Apollo as IPTV They take turns screwing up they either disappear completely or the EPG reports No Information Yesterday Ghost was gone completely Apollo had full EPG back Today I was able to add Ghost back in but neither...
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    EPG and Apollo

    Yes that is what I am using. Still no programs showing for Apollo just No Information on every channel.
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    EPG and Apollo

    Since uping to 4.7 I have issues with EPG no information on all channels
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    Tivimate vs Smarters - No Brainer

    Been using Tivimate for two years now have tried others but nothing is better (or even close) Hope they keep up the good work
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    Tivimate problem with pluto tv

    Using Tivimate 4.2.0 premium Same issue no ads just a pluto / samsung graphic
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    Lava tv

    I would like your free try Thanks
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    Cyberflix TV APK 3.3.2 Latest 2021 Release

    This was my first install. Tryed with VPN on and off no change. Installed on Samsung Pad and Fire Cube same result no video Tryed switching decoders no luck
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    Cyberflix TV APK 3.3.2 Latest 2021 Release

    Loaded the app. Question is it regioin locked I'm in Canada and all I get on any TV show or movie is No Link Found
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    Expiration date of IPTV subscription

    What I do is have it in the calendar on my phone as it is the same ever year easy to setup
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    EPG no longer working

    Success went to my IPTV providers site and got an alternate EPG This one worked I now have my guide back
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    TiviMate 3.5.0 in beta

    Downloaded and install Release version 3.5.0 this morning
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    EPG no longer working

    Success went to my IPTV providers site and got an alternate EPG This one worked I now have my guide back
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    EPG no longer working

    I went through all the trouble shooting steps with no successs The strange thing is I have two Tivimate installs The only one with EPG not loading is o the Fire Cube. My Android install is working fine My problem is that the Fire Cube is on our main entertanment system Thank you for the help...
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    EPG no longer working

    I love Tivimate but since the last update to my Fire Cube I no longer get any program listingss Tivimate is noe useless. Have had periodic iissues in the past but resolved themselfs in a matter of hours. This outage on liisting has been two days now and has rendered Tivimate unusable Any onr...
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    Need help won’t let me login since you already prescribed it to this item it will not let me login

    I am seeing this issue a lot I am having the same problem only issue is I get account not found when I try to upgrade Have purchgaseed in google play hours ago now my card has been charged allready email from google play with my order number what gives
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    Help with login

    I have the same issue. I purchased my subscription in google play (my card has been charged) Notification from Google Play about purchase Tivimate will not allow upgrade just keeps coming back as acciunt not found. Any assistance would be great.
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