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    Which service is best for Sports?

    I have IPTV for sports so am trying to find out which service is best for 50fps, UHD and FHD, for rugby. In particular channels such as Viaplay, Supersport rugby and Sky Sports. Any suggestions please?
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    Is Aurora down?

    Web server is down- Anyone got a solution?
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    Web server is down- Can I please have a discord invite?
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    Account paid since March 2023.

    I notice that Gamers has been debiting me since March 2023. They Terminated my account and my credentials are not working. I would appreciate any advice.
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    Billing systems website not working?

    Is the portal still down or could someone send me the url?
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    Game Master billing portal

    Thank you for your reply. Under Ticket information it says : Department Billing / Refunds Submitted Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 (22:39) Last Updated 4 hours ago
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    Game Master billing portal

    I paid my latest invoice only to realize my account was Terminated. I asked them to restore my account. Crickets. Could somebody please help me?
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    International Sports channels showing UK sports?

    What websites show international channels for uk sports?
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    Login issues

    I am having the same problem. Can you please DM me as well?
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Has anybody managed to get a response on Billings?
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    Channels still down

    Hi My app doesnt appear to be working . "Login failure" Can you please send me an alternative UrL?
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    Need new url for PDSlive

    Hi there I downloaded the siptv app and it was working for 2 days but it says I have a login failure. Can you please confirm the new URL?
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    Channels still down

    Good afternoon Could you please DM me with the new server URL and sip app link ? TIA
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    Game Masters FAQ

    May I have the latest Game Master/PDSLIVE FAQ? With the recent changes, I want to be sure I am up to date, as of right now I can't login Thanks in advance.
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    Free Favourites

    Thank you. I will try that one.
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    Free Favourites

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    Free Favourites

    Tivimate charges
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    Free Favourites

    Which PTV apps other than XCIPTV provide a favourites option as free?
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Can I get the FAQ please.
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