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    Bob's Hosting IPTV

    I just sent him a DM...thanks. Seems like he has been inactive here for a while though.
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    Bob's Hosting IPTV

    I've heard this name passed around...anyone have any info on Bob's Hosting IPTV? Thanks
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    VStreams Not Working 11-18

    Did you ever get this resolved? they had a change...let me know if you still need help.
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    PlayersKlub Website not functioning

    I don't have the service, but the website just worked for me.
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    Anyone know what’s happened to Wolfstreamz?

    He posted on another forum that he received a C&D letter and closed down shop. He is a reseller and said subs should work until they expire; however, no more support or renewals. Service should work unless the main provider changes URL.
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    Free IPTV Player - IPTV Smarters Pro

    Great app! Have used it for years! Any chance of adding a previous channel feature similar to Tivimate? I know you have the channel history category, but just wondering. Also, would it be possible to combine multiple playlists instead of having to switch accounts to access the other account...
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Cool. I saw a ton a categories, but didn't see one for NCAA College Football. Fingers crossed for it showing up on Saturday
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Do they do an NCAA category for the Saturday games? Thanks
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    Alternatives to Game Master IPTV

    Anyone have any recommendations in the $5-$10 range with 2 connections? Is Game Master back to the Game Master of old like it was a few years ago? Feel free to DM suggestions...thanks.
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    Pro IPTV Streams Forum Discussion

    Is this service still available?
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    Games Masters IPTV

    How is this version of Game Master vs the one from a few years ago? The one from a few years ago was really solid and had great discord support.
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    Yeah, I've heard of the them from Average Ed. Do they have a discord/telegram support?
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    Who is your main service?
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    Iptv smarters pro 2021 coming soon !!

    Nice work. A few suggestions: 1. Easier way to jump between previous channels you watched 2. Resize/respace the text on the EPG...sometimes you can't see the show title depending on the time it started 3. Ability to jump from channels to guide in the EPG option 4. Option to 'click to play'...
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    EPG Recommendation

    The people at the m3u4u discord gave me a link to the IPTVBoss discord. Another free option, but requires a little work. m3u4u also has a great discord support if you go that route.
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    Iptv smarters pro 2021 coming soon !! Scroll a little down the post and click "Download the APK File Here" . Though the post says 3.0, but it will download the latest beta. This is the same link that Husham posted in his video about...
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