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    Download EMAD Arabic Videos Information

    . For a limited time .. if someone does not have paypal account .. he or she can get free $10 from paypal just for opening new account using my refer friend link and then pay to buy anything such as a cup of coffee for me. . As for your question @husham .. you can read all the details in this...
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    Download EMAD Arabic Videos Information

    . My kodi addon "Arabic Videos" is not free software .. it was free for 5 years .. but not anymore. . The donation for my program is only 5 american dollars for every 3 months. .
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    Download EMAD Arabic Videos Information

    Try it now .. there was a temporary problem with the server but it is fixed few days ago.
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    Emad Arabic videos Kodi forum

    @Rami 1005 ... The program is mine and i have all the rights to do whatever i find approperate ... If you have problem with my program then simply delete it from your device. You have no rights to complain because you are using my program for free ... otherwise pay me USD $1000 per month for...
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