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    Area 51 won't come on

    You should have been contacted by Singularity Media with instructions on how to change over. I am in the process of changing over. Visit their website The website is at present down.
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    Area 51 won't come on If you have not heard from Singularity Media as yet,I would suggest that you visit their website using the old login credentials from Area 51. The website is at present down for maintenance , due to the high volume of tickets received over...
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    Area 51 won't come on

    e-mail from Singularity dated July 5.2020 Please read the below email in FULL. Hello and welcome to Singularity Media. We have taken over your account from Area 51. (NOTE: Old Area 51 Apps WILL NOT work any longer.) (Please uninstall all old APPS.) We have sent out a previous email to...
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