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    Need help recording

    When recording do you shut down Tivimate, or leave it run in the background?
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    VOD past TV Shows on Tivimate vs. mytvonline

    When using mytvonline2 a complete library of VOD TV Shows is available with a provider, however, when using this service with Tivimate there is no real access to all shows. Not sure this makes sense, but example below: Bar Resue: all previous season/episodes are available on VOD using...
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    Buffering while recording

    they aren't the nicest to deal with, actually, unprofessional and downright disgustingly rude
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    Buffering while recording

    probably so...too bad there is no way to test a 2nd connection to see if that solves things before laying out money
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    Buffering while recording

    kind of what I was thinking, but is watching the same channel you are recording equal 2 connections?
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    Buffering while recording

    So here is the deal: I am trying to narrow down while most of the recordings are playing back with buffering, and noticed today that while recording a show and watching at the same time it buffers. If I stop the recording, buffering has stopped. To me, it appears that this could be a cause of...
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    TiviMate EPG Source

    My provider has been nothing but rude when I have asked for support for EPG going down every couple of days. Any suggestions? Deeply regret using them now, but paid for the year.
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    GLITCHING august 2023

    having frustrating buffering as well using the latest auto updated on tivimate. Is this apk different than the one pushed recently? Wifi is fine, so thinking it could be my provider but they claim all is well in the world, etc
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    Losing Favorites

    Could be them indeed, will see what happens the next few days. I use mytvonline2 on the box, so no issues with that as of yet. Bit of a pain continually adding Fav's, but will see how it goes.
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    Losing Favorites

    Thanks for the reply! I am running Tivimate on 2 Firestock 4k's and another provider on a Formuler Box. This has happened on each Firestick device over the last week which is indeed odd. Constantly cleaning app cache on Firesticks as they aren't the greatest of runnining IPTV of course.
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    Losing Favorites

    Hey guys, new to Tivimate and the forum. I have everything installed and running, have figured out how to record to my NAS so very happy with the app so far. Question though in that a couple of times I have completely lost my Favorites. Screen would just go blank, happened 2x in the first...
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