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    Lava tv

    I would like a trial please
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    Time shift

    Thanks I am however using XCIPTV without Tivimate in the latest update there is no longer an EPG Timeshift box that I can find
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    Time shift

    I can no longer find the time shift feature to adjust the EPG to my time zone any help is appreciated
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    Help! Unable to log in to make a payment

    I am having trouble logging in to xviptv to pay my bill can you assist?
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    Game Master Server URL

    Hello I can not login to pay monthly bill Nevermind went to an older email and the link worked
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    Game Master Server URL

    trying to login on my fire tablet and getting an error message all other devices are fine
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    New IPTV and New welcome

    Thanks that is set up how do I add Mobus and pay?
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    New IPTV and New welcome

    I am unfamiliar on how to pay with bit coin can you explain please
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    I am interested in finding out more
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    Hi would someone DM me the URL for Game Master Thanks
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