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    Tulipsat IPTV Forum
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    Tarboosh iptv
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    ESTUARY SKIN 1.~ Click ADD-ONS > MY ADD-ONS under CATEGORIES over on the right 2.~ VIDEO ADD-ONS or PROGRAM ADD-ONS depending what you want to add 3.~ Select a VIDEO ADD-ON or PROGRAM ADD-ON (Same procedure for any other categories), bring up the CONTEXT MENU Remote: Guide Button Mouse...
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    PlayersKlub Forum

    Yes. Check the dm
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    Best TV episode streamers for free

    Best TV episode streamers for free Best search websites for free on-demand tv-episode streams. Please help to keep this list updated by leaving information in the forum If you know streaming sites for series in Spanish, French or German please comment as well. This list is for information...
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Game Masters IPTV FAQ What is the file linked Code? 86520809 My App is asking for a URL what is that? I have logged out and back in just like it says in #📰master-news📰 but still cant login. Try clearing cache and data of your app and pressing "Refresh DNS" My kodi...
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    PlayersKlub Forum

    Yes and no. Ask the question in discord
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    PlayersKlub Forum

    Oh I think that websire is not a real playersKlub and it's a fake Company. Lol. Discord link will not get you help for that. They are fake I will send you dm message with discord link
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    Game Master

    Done. Check dm
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    Google Playstore Removed Perfect player

    Perfect player is back in the Google playstore
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    VILE KODI Addon Adult 18+

    report of a user that this addon is not working for him was posted on I will need to investigate this. since I dont do the adult addons. .. thesee are the other guys in .. I will ask Oddball to check it
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    Game Master

    Check this link
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    List of Working APKs - IPTV Movie TV Shows

    version number updated for most of the apks and articles updated.. there is more to be worked on but will fix soon after I finish the other TOP apks and addons articles
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    Game Master

    Tpk is gone. IPTV Close Down as Players Klub users to find out service no more - News If you don't want their new company names then get a different IPTV companies. I got a full list here IPTV Lists by County / Languages - IPTV
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    Samung Remove Netflix

    Uodate:Netflix has announced that due to technical limitations, as of December 2, 2019, the Netflix streaming service will no longer be supported on several consumer electronics devices, including some from Samsung. This change will impact select 2010 and 2011 Samsung Smart TV models that were...
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    Samung Remove Netflix
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    Game Master

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    Samung Remove Netflix

    Updates on what is happening on the Samsung Remove Netflix
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    PlayersKlub Forum

    I sent it via dm