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    Unusable Sevice Lately

    My service lately has been full of freezing/skipping/looping even after the usual troubleshooting. My other service is running smoothly so I don't think it's my equipment or provider. Any ideas? I've been a customer for years & I'd rather not drop this service.
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    New Customers?

    Just checking for a buddy. Are we accepting new accounts?
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    Anyone know of a better alternative service?

    I used to have issues with freezing/looping with the 24/7 channels till I found a fix. Try using an external player like VLC. Using VLC has cleared 99% of the issues.
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    Anyone else having problems with the payment portal?

    I really thought site was down for good. Glad I was wrong. I just paid my bill and after hearing that some people's accounts were actually suspended due to "non-payment", added 2 months fees in case this happens again.
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    Anyone else having problems with the payment portal?

    Looks like PDSLive is dead. It was fun while it lasted. I got a bill today but that's probably from a automated system.
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    Whats up with 24-7 channels

    Still alot of buffering and jumping back and forth.
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    Back Up!

    Looks like service is back! Thanks!
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    So What's The Plan?

    Thx for the information!
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    So What's The Plan?

    So service works on the app but not Tivimate/Televizo. Will it work in the future or will we be limited to the app?
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    Need to know if PDSLIVE is up or down I cannot access any channels it just keeps refreshing or is there another URL please let me know

    It seems to work on new app (siptv) but not on Tivimate or Televizo. Ask Mods for link for app.
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    Siptv question?

    Yes, I just installed it. Just ask Mods for link and you should have no problem.
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    SIPTV I'm Lost...

    Nevermind...I figured it out.
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    SIPTV I'm Lost...

    I'm lost. But I've since figured it out. I don't know how to delete this post
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    My service is still down did the URL change

    I think you sent it in the past but please send it again for me to be sure.
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    PDSLIVE update 2/14/23 10am

    It been on & off for me. Currently on but it was down a few minutes ago.
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    24/7 Channels

    Yes, all my 24/7 channels are gone.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Which app are you using?
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