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    Since writing, I've tried multiple things (using different countries on Surfshark, using those with fewer user/connections, modifying the VPN protocol, lower resolution display settings on my Firestick4k, etc). For the most part I thought I had cleared it up to the point it was very tolerable...
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    Thanks for the suggestion and info! I'll try connecting using another country with my VPN when I notice it buffering and let you know... It's unpredictable, but I notice it most often on NBC, CBS, FOX channels when I do watch them (typically only for sports, specifically NFL games). I'll be...
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    I have a Firestick 4k connected via 5g WiFi showing good strength of signal, dl speeds of 50+ Mbps, and do use Surfshark VPN... Despite this, sometimes I find get buffering while watching using Tivimate. It may not happen for days or weeks but it can happen enough to be frustrating. I don't...
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    New aurora account

    And I as well would like info on setting up a new account including channels/pricing, and if you have a trial. Thanks in advance!
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    Is there a video quality/data usage setting in any of the top apps?

    I have a more general post in the IPTV Devices, Fire Stick / Fire TV / Fire Cube forum... I currently use and like TiviMate Premium for viewing my IPTV live & VOD shows, but am seeing high data usage rates (over 3GB/hr). Do any of the other apps allow me to control the video quality to lower...
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    How can I lower my data usage from 3+ GB/hour?

    Ideally this could be posted in three separate forums, as I use TiviMate Premium to stream my IPTV shows on a firestick 4k. Less often, I stream Netflix, Hulu Live, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+. Mostly I watch live programming via TiviMate... I now am exceeding 1TB cap due to 3+GB/hr...
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    Register Mobus IPTV Live TV Now

    Interested in getting the details on signing up, etc...can you DM me with the info? Thanks in advance!
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    I'd be interested in trying this...can you DM me w/the details and any other pertinent info? Also wondering what payment methods are available...thanks!
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