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    Account paid since March 2023.

    I notice that Gamers has been debiting me since March 2023. They Terminated my account and my credentials are not working. I would appreciate any advice.
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    Billing systems website not working?

    Is the portal still down or could someone send me the url?
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    Game Master billing portal

    Thank you for your reply. Under Ticket information it says : Department Billing / Refunds Submitted Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 (22:39) Last Updated 4 hours ago
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    Game Master billing portal

    I paid my latest invoice only to realize my account was Terminated. I asked them to restore my account. Crickets. Could somebody please help me?
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    International Sports channels showing UK sports?

    What websites show international channels for uk sports?
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    Login issues

    I am having the same problem. Can you please DM me as well?
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Has anybody managed to get a response on Billings?
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    Channels still down

    Hi My app doesnt appear to be working . "Login failure" Can you please send me an alternative UrL?
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    Need new url for PDSlive

    Hi there I downloaded the siptv app and it was working for 2 days but it says I have a login failure. Can you please confirm the new URL?
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    Channels still down

    Good afternoon Could you please DM me with the new server URL and sip app link ? TIA
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    Game Masters FAQ

    May I have the latest Game Master/PDSLIVE FAQ? With the recent changes, I want to be sure I am up to date, as of right now I can't login Thanks in advance.
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    Free Favourites

    Thank you. I will try that one.
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    Free Favourites

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    Free Favourites

    Tivimate charges
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    Free Favourites

    Which PTV apps other than XCIPTV provide a favourites option as free?
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Can I get the FAQ please.
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