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    Super mega down and no response from support

    @ Junowho. I Do not know about GameMasters. PDSLive only mentioned Supermega.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    There is a merger. Pdslive took over Supermega. If you have a supermega account and your bill is due, Start a new account in Pdslive. if you were paying for 3 lines with supermega ( The 9.99 in supermega ) order the 9.99 plan with one line in pdslive.. once you are registered, open up a ticket...
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    Super mega down and no response from support

    Pdslive is taking over If your bill is due on supermega, Do not continue to pay on supermega. Go to the mother site which is now Pdslive and order the 9.99 plan. Open up a ticket and let them know you are a existing Supermega subscriber. Tell them how many lines you are paying...
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    Billing Systems????

    if your bill is due, do not bother paying @ pdslive will be disolving supermega effective imediately. Pdslive will be honoring the rates and connections during the changover
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    Billing Systems????

    It doesnt make sence for them not to respond. My issue is not a invoice. It has to do with them fixing the service because it's being paid quarterly, not monthly. Two months are left before the next due date.. They need to fix it.. its almost a week now with no service.. future patience sounds...
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    Billing Systems????

    I have a account that is supposed to be active in because its paid for 3 months and due in Nov. One month has gone by and when you look in Service, it says next due date is Sept 20th. It supposed to be Due Nov 20th.. The service is expired. I opened up two tickets days ago and...
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    Billing Systems????

    Using a laptop to get into portals, it fails to load up. If you use a your cell phone using your data, not wifi, you can get into the portal. Weird.. Now trying to get in touch with someone by opening up a ticket to fix a issue is another. Still waiting on a responce from them.
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    Anyone else having problems with the payment portal? portal is now saying account suspended. Not my account but the page account is suspended. Are they making a new portal page ? My bill is coming up soon. If i dont pay, the service will stop working.
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    Anyone else having problems with the payment portal?

    Check the payment portal now. Its now trying to load up like the website is congested on my side. I no longer see a error
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    Best new Android box?

    A good and affordable box is The Walmart Onn Google TV box. It sell for $20 bucks and it works great. I have a Nvidia Shield TV pro 2019 box and the Onn looks more vivid. is has a 2.0ghz quad core processor with 2gigs of ram and 8 gigs storage. I stopped using firesticks years ago.
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    Service down😡

    Hello Crystal. I use supermega.vison payment portal for the service. I have 8 tickets open and still no service. Its been days now. I am still waiting for a responce from a actual person. The automated messages says fixed and if i still have a problem, type Bump. I already typed Bump a million...
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    The best apk to use in my opinion is Ott Navigator. I like it better than Tivimate. After you finished setting it up, it looks like you are using a Cable box.
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    Super mega down and no response from support

    Supermega.Vision is not working. The payment portal is hard to get in because it keeps freezing up and the services has been down for days. I already opened up 8 tickets and still no responce from a Person. Its always the same automated responce saying fixed and if i still have problems, type...
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    question. Is there a difference if its and so on. When you...

    question. Is there a difference if its and so on. When you go into the payment portal, after paying, you will see Is this a better server or the same as what you have above for the M3URL
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    Games Masters IPTV

    my service for gmaster is working but, i would like to pay again to keep using the service. Did the link change for the payment portal ? if it, can someone send me a message about where to go to pay. Thank you
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    New Login Again

    good evening. My service for master is still working but, i would like to make a payment that will be due soon. Did the payment portal change ? if it did, can someone message me the new link. Thank you
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Hello everyone. If you GM has a new URL, can you please send it to me. Thank you.
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