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    P d s up d@te 8/14/23

    I have a pair of connections for $4.99. It never went other 3 connections at $9.99 did go down like everybody else. All 5 are up now.
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    Anyone know of a better alternative service?

    Funny thing, my old grandfathered account with 2 connections never went down; my other 3 connections on one of their sister billing systerms; it like all of you gave me an account expired and no access to their link and it remains down as of this typing tonight. What I don't understand is why...
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    Anyone else having problems with the payment portal?

    PDS portal is up and running; their sister billing systems are not, yet.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    PDS Live portal is up and running; their sister websites are not as of 10:30pm ET (USA)
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    Dish Network Lawsuit

    Please remember last month Dish Network went after 11 IPTV providers/servers in a $32.5M lawsuit they won. I have no idea if PDS Lve and its sister services were affected by this. There's absolutely no way I'd pay other than monthly. I continue to have service on my grandfathered account but...
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    Games Masters IPTV

    With who? Did you Google your request? If you're striking out, reach out to Crystal.
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    You don't. You need to setup an account with them, determine how many connections and then choose their SIPTV or go with an alternative and set the playlist up. Everything you need to know is at their website with links to tutorials of the IPTV app you'll need depending upon what you will watch...
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    I have them all, Tivimate on Firestick is my favorite, Chromebook it's OTT Navigator (Tivimate not available), IPTV Smarters Pro on Android phone. I have Tivimate there as well but fonts too small.
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    Crystal, do you have a way I can send a direct message to you? Thanks.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    PDS has been erratic for the past several weeks. I have two connections and apparently I need four connections now and that's the answer they're giving me now. It possible it's our internet provider speeds being throttled for data prioritization and I can't rule that out either, but until...
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    How To Get Kodi On Windows 10: PC Requirements

    There's a learning curve with Kodi but here's the link for how to add Live IPTV and use your m3u playlists on it:
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    Get the Best Streaming Experience with IPTV Smarters

    I have it on my phone, it's not available for my Chromebook.
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    Windows perfect player iptv M3U URL for pdslive

    I'd recommend installing Kodi.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    That would be true of all services and I have backups that are working.PDS had been fine until a short time ago.
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    Tivimate not working

    It's down on my end tonight too. Up until fairly recently I have never seen this service go down as often as it has for the past month. It's not Tivimate; I have other playlists on it and they're up.
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    FireTV-PDSLive IPTV: Service is Down

    FireTV-PDSLive IPTV: Service is Down
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    This is for new users and I will be blunt, nothing personal. There is no new link! It is a service; it's not free. There are resources on the internet that will help you learn the world of IPTV. as I and many have. For me, it began with Kodi's original name; X-Box Media Center (XBMC); those...
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    Games Masters IPTV

    I am by no means a guru when it comes to IPTV. A few of us here remember the good ol' days when what we had was XBMC, now Kodi and PVR IPTV and folks, I continue to use it to this very day. There are some hard working folks who brought IPTV to what it is today. That said, it's not perfect. I...
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