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    My service is still down did the URL change

    Can I have the new PDS Live link too please?
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    Is Aurora down?

    Can I have the new aurora link please?
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    Need new url for PDSlive

    Can I have the new url as well please?
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    Channels still down

    I have Aurora as my backup iptv. It is very similar to PDS Live because they used to be part of the same service before they split into two different services
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    Service Down

    Mine is down once again. Any updates?
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    PDSLIVE update 2/14/23 10am

    Still down for me
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    How do I download pdslive to my firestick

    Can I get the link for the app too?
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    New link

    Can I get the new link for the signup? Been looking for a replacement ever since TopDog went down.
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