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    VOD Not Updating

    I assume you have been in touch with your provider to ask if there is a problem at their end.
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    Recording with premium

    you will also need more than one connection from your provider
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    2 lost subs

    If you give us more information we might be able to help. Where did you download the app from? how did you pay for it? what device you are using? are you using the correct email?
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    Premium problem

    Don't understand what google mail has anything to do with it. I think you might have to install the tivimate companion app on a android device then use that to sign into tivimate on your fire stick. Crystal will put you right though
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    No Info on my Epg

    Have you asked your provider to see if there is a problem?
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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    No. Tiviimate is for users that don't use Andriod. But there is no reason why they can't download it to the same device as Tivimate.
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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    So all your sons need to do is to open a gmail account on their devices which they will most probably have to do anyway, download tivimate from the google play store and you pay for their subscription. You don't need to use the tivimate companion app to do this. The companion app is mainly used...
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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    you don't say what devices you'r sons will be using for tivimate if it's going to be an android system then you can purchase in the google play store.
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    How to get m3u link

    You need a iptv provider. Tivimate is just a player. Google iptv providers the choose the the one you want, better to pick the ones that offer a free period so that you can check them out and don't for a year sub as a few iptv provider get closed down.
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    I can't help you i'm afraid, But after you have sorted out all your favourites/ groups again make a backup, that way all your settings will be saved and the next time it happens you just use the backup. But somebody on this forum will possibly have the answer to your problem.
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    Black screen

    need more info, like what devise you're using, is it the latest tivimate 4.6.1 you are using.
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    Multiple acct

    you might have to delete all your previous google accounts off your device, set the new one up, then you can add the other accounts back on to your device
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    Tivimate "Assign EPG" ?

    Try here IPTVBoss Editor - EPGBoss
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    add the channel ----> CANAL + FOOT

    get in touch with your provider. Tivimate is just a player
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    Tivimate "Assign EPG" ?

    As far as i know it means what it says, you might have more than one Electronic Program Guide so you have to Assign the one you want to use. Your IPTV Provider usually provides you with one, but some clever people can make their own.
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    Russian Help Pay

    It's not a third-party program, it's a very good app for windows or android and the developer is a good Russian guy. Besides what have you got to lose if you can't activate your tivimate premium account. Try it before you knock it.
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    Russian Help Pay

    Try Progdvb or progtv for android. You can download the app from his web page. No need for google
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    EPG hours not right

    you are welcome
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    EPG hours not right

    you can change the epg time offset in the epg settings. Go to settings, EPG, EPG Sources, click on your source then time offset. Just + or - till it's right. I don't understand why you device is set plus 1hr if you are it the uk. I live in Spain and i am on +1. It's 7.30pm here, 6.30pm in the UK...
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    EPG hours not right

    Sounds like you are watching UK tv, but you don't say where you are. You can adjust the time off set in the epg settings, or your device clock is wrong.
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