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    i am wondering if my address is not for m3u?
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    Everything has loaded and all mac all ok. when i restart the app it shows AC and then Live tv etc. but when i select live tv it just has a blank screen
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    not working on my Samsung with AC?
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    Your Thoughts?

    i have raised a ticket not sure of how else to message AC
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    Your Thoughts?

    Where do you get the app i am using Smarters pro but would like to try the app
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    Really poor or no response from these guys

    Paid but no login details no easy way to contact them Web site just sends you to discord? Once paid surely you get what you paid for? Unusual for something that Husham recommends, always been spot on in the past.
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    Does vw streamz have i follow for EFL football?
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    Sapphire Secure Website Down

    Still down for me is it definitely back up?
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