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    KS Hosting stop loading on Tivimate?

    I have done that. Thx
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    KS Hosting stop loading on Tivimate?

    Is there a new URL for KS Hosting? The KS Hosting apk works but it stopped working on my premium Tivimate. Anyone else has this issue? Any suggestions? Thx
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    Altered Carbon

    Looking for trial of Altered Carbon. Tired of buffering at high peak periods with current provider. Thanks. Rick
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    Sportz TV M3U and EPG for Tivimate

    Sportz TV did provide the M3U at registration but not the EPG? Does anyone have it so I can load the guide in Tivimate? Thx
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    Sportz TV M3U and EPG for Tivimate

    Does anyone have the M3U and EPG URLs of Sportz TV for Tivimate? Thanks
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Hi. Can you provide URL for game master as I tried various suggestions so far with no success. I am up to date with my subscription but no luck in connecting via XCIPTV or Tivimate. Thx Rick
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    Games Masters IPTV

    HUsham- can you please DM me with the information on how to get around a failed logins using my Gamemaster ID and password. Can’t find latest URL replacement. Thx in advance. Rick
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    Help get my game master back

    No luck with any URL posted to date? Anyone successful? Help!
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