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  1. MiKi

    Game master & implayer multiview

    Can someone please confirm if multiview works after the implayer update . Mine cant play 2 picture implayer dev say its up to my provider and box . It used to work before . Thanks
  2. MiKi

    Cant pay for duplex

    Any way to pay for duplex as I instalet it on sam tv but the on windows store not available also downloaded on android phone it payment not available at that moment any one found other solution .thanks
  3. MiKi

    Mac lock

    What's the idea of mac lock on the new app update . On LG Tv
  4. MiKi

    Adblock bypass

    I uninstalled old app and re instaled the new app but it cant open saying uninsatll adblock or dns changer . I have pia VPN and adguard and both no open when I try to open ola. Any help to bypass this front message that cat be escaped. Edit: problem solved by installing new but with ad option
  5. MiKi

    OpenVpn on Android TV Box

    Can some please help me to run openvpn app on android mibox I goat a service with PIA just need to run it on the box I can successfully only on my mobile thanks. Apk don't work on box
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