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    Games Masters IPTV

    Any solutions to get my GM service back up?
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    Sapphire Secure Website Down

    Been trying all day to pay my sub because it is due today. The website has said all day that maintenance is being performed. Did Sapphire get shutdown? I’ve seen the maintenance error message too many times right before a shutdown.
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    Streams For Us

    I couldn’t find any story but I’m sure they were
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    Streams For Us

    Service is down now and so is the website.
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    Streams For Us

    My service is still active but my payment is due in less than 3 days and I always get an invoice 5 days before payment is due. Went to ask in Discord and the Streams For Us discord has been deleted. I submitted a few tickets and they have been closed and deleted with no reply.
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    Streams For Us

    They just shut their Discord down and no invoices are currently being generated and tickets about invoices are being closed and deleted with no reply. Does this mean they shutdown? Does anyone have any info on what’s going on?
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