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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    Good Point.....but won't they need to install Tivimate Companion on a separate device ?
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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    They will be Android TV OS devices
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    How to purchase another Premium account ?

    I have premium Tivimate for myself and already using 5 devices on my account . Was looking to gift a Premium Lifetime subscription to my sons to use for themselves . How can I do this ? Do I need to create another Google account to purchase with ? Also if they only have iPhones instead of...
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    Games Masters IPTV

    I've heard of this service mentioned here How does one go about getting it or doing a trial of it ? Thanks
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    Smarters is definitely compatible with the Shield. I have it installed on a few of mine
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    Tivimate for 300 devices

    Developer has a Discord group
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    Register Mobus IPTV Live TV Now

    okay I set up a coinbase account and purchased some bitcoin I can't figure out how to send payment via coinbase? This crypto thing is so frustrating
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    Lava tv

    Is it possible to get a trial please and pricing? Thanks
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    Hi New Member looking to set up iptv on my tizen Samsung

    If it doesn't come with Google Playstore don't think you'll be able to? You'll need an external streaming device for it to work
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    make sure install Tivimate companion as well on an android phone
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    Maybe this post should be removed and and updated with a new one started?
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    Error 401

    Could be on your providers end
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    Channels freezing on new install

    I have latest premium Tivimate installed on all my Shields and haven't ran into this issue
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    I went to site with no issues
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    I've got a back up service I use that's $6 a month for 2 connections. If interested DM not sure I'm able to mention on here
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    try..... rebelhost. site (no spaces)
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    I think they're gone...? their url doesn't work anymore. Neither does any of the other services they offer
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    Hi everyone

    Describe what you're looking for would help
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    MeCool KM2

    Just picked up a Mecool KM2 to try out and play with. Installed a 64gb micro SD card to expand storage of the only 8gb internal storage on it. Have had it for just a few days and I'm liking it so far. Runs Android TV OS and is Google Certified. One of the best devices I've tried for under...
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    Hi everyone

    There's plenty of good services on here...
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