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    Massive bufferiing when recording.

    Using Nvidia Shield pro with tivimate. Using SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2 external. Getting massive buffering anytime I record. Shield connected directly to lan. 1200mb/s Max exfinity tier. Ok, I fixed the issue. I created a new folder in external drive thru tivimate settings other. The...
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    Audio/Vide Decoder

    I use hardware. Hardware will always work better. Less cpu usage
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    TiViMate & NVidia shield questions and issues

    I turn on my nvidia shield then use my ps4 controller or xbox controller.
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    Only one issue that I need to figure out.

    I watch a channel say channel 35 HGTV, I Switch to channel 36 Lifetime, I decide to watch hgtv on channel 35 and its no longer hgtv is another network. HGTV actually move somewhere else on the list. Dunno how this happens. I'm sure its a setting .
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