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  1. Z

    Audio/Vide Decoder

    Curious about if the settings for Audio and Video decoder should be set to Hardware or Software? Thank you.... /Zen Tivimate on Nvidia Shield pro.
  2. Z

    Record via Tivimate

    I have tried to set up my Nvidia Shield to record, at the same time as I'm watching the show. But I have not managed, Nvidia doesnt seem to like us to do recordings or is there a procedure that has to be followed? Tips appreciated... /Zen
  3. Z

    How to get back to the last channel?

    Thank you, great help,,,,although I wish it was just a one button click....👍👍
  4. Z

    How to get back to the last channel?

    I have Tivimate on a Nvidia Shield pro and I cant figure out how to toggle between last channel and the one Im watching. It doesnt work with the back button. Perheps I need some kind of set-up for that function to work? Any ideas ? /zen
  5. Z

    Hi there.

    Just bought myself an Nvidia Shield TV pro. Excellent choice. And also bought a sub. for TiviMate. So I will have to learn a new GUI. And from a quick glance there is a lot to take in and re-learn when it comes to using all menues and settings. Already found a solution to one problem, thanks...
  6. Z

    Rewind live tv

    Thank you ! It certainly helped me as well....
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