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    I should also state that I'm in no way associated with the seller of this great service. I'm just a regular customer.
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    Here is a couple pics of what the service has. The guide looks professionally done. Not a typical copy and paste. The other pic is the DVR section. That works great also. This is what's included with the VIP package.
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    I just finished my 2 day trial and this service is by far the best I've used. Service and picture quality is top knotch. It's pricier than a bunch of others, but the quality and the near 24/7 support makes up for it. I've watched numerous shows without buffering and that's with using my VPN...
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    This service has been great so far. No issues to speak of.
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    Are there any trials to check out this service?
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    1 month subscription with 1 connection for only $3 USD😃

    I would like to try it out please. $3 for 1 month is worth a shot.
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    New url?

    If there is a new url for the epg, please dm me.
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    VW Streamz VOD Service - $6 per month - Content Updated Daily

    I don't use Plex, but I'm intrigued about your service.
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