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    Movie Posters and Descriptions

    My service provider provides VOD service but just the name of the movie. There are no description or posters of the movie. Is there a Universal list out there that will identify my VOD’S that I can use to fix this? Here’s hoping!! Thanks for your help.
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    TiviMate recording

    If my IPTV service doesn’t offer a recording option, will TiviMate’s recording function still record?
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    TiviMate download problem

    I have TiviMate Premium on 2 tv’s. I downloaded the new version 3.1.5 on my main tv but on the 2nd one I’m getting a message saying “failed to download Apk file”. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for your help.
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    Selecting External Player

    Hoping someone might have some inside information on this issue. I have to use an External Player for watching VOD. However, the one it selects (and it doesn’t tell you which one) isn’t my preferred player. Is there a way to manually select the external player for my VOD? Your help is very much...
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    Movie Posters & Descriptions not Populating

    Greetings! I’m new to this site and was hoping someone might know how to fix my problem. I’m currently using TiviMate version 3.1.1 Premium. My issue is i loaded in the movie section of my iptv service and the movies play fine. However, the movie posters and movie description are not coming...
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