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    Games Masters IPTV

    Changed mine to +2 and its working fine and showing the right show in the menu with the right time using tivimate.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    I have had them for about 2 1/2 years and a very solid service. Works well with tivimate, the guide goes down ever now and then but always comes back. Very happy with the service. I have never tried it with the other apps I have always used tivimate so I cant give a opinion on the service...
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Mine was down yesterday, Checked it this morning and its working fine. Using tivimate
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    Area 51 Forum

    Yep I had A C and they were a decent service and worked pretty well and I read somewhere that they had ties with A 51
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    Gamemasters iptv will steal your money.

    Yes I agree they are top notch and I have never had a problem with them. I have have had them for a while.
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    No login

    No issues with my log in or service. Has been working great using tivimate
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    Nvidia Shield Buffering/Stuttering

    My shields are working good, 2-2019s no issues
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    Yes I see that now I read the article about them on another site.
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    Altered Carbon Forum

    I see the service is down, Has anyone heard of a EST when it might be coming back?
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    Website is down

    What provider are you talking about?
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    Reset account

    I had a similar problem and reset it through companion and I was able to log in again.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    I figured it out sorry it was on my end
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Is there a issue with the guide? Using tivimate and no guide for a couple of days?
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    Your Thoughts?

    Message alteredcarbon and he will give you the file link to get there app.
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    Have you purchased the New Shield

    I have 2 now and they are both 2019 versions
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Seems to be working good this mourning. Goes down now and then but seems to always come back, That's IPTV just bare with it people the service has been working great.
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Been working great here all day and the guide is up and working super, using tivimate
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    Android TV box 2.0 out for sale

    Ok I see now you have some in stock, thanks
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    Android TV box 2.0 out for sale

    Will you be getting more in?
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    JDhosting, Beams service?

    Does anyone here have or ever had the service called Beams? Just wanted to get your input about the service. Its supposed to be more of a sports service.