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    Channels freezing on new install

    I have latest premium Tivimate installed on all my Shields and haven't ran into this issue
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    I went to site with no issues
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    I've got a back up service I use that's $6 a month for 2 connections. If interested DM not sure I'm able to mention on here
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    Any good reliable services $5? Backup service?

    try..... rebelhost. site (no spaces)
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    I think they're gone...? their url doesn't work anymore. Neither does any of the other services they offer
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    Deleted Post

    I think I found what I was looking for
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    Hi everyone

    Describe what you're looking for would help
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    MeCool KM2

    Just picked up a Mecool KM2 to try out and play with. Installed a 64gb micro SD card to expand storage of the only 8gb internal storage on it. Have had it for just a few days and I'm liking it so far. Runs Android TV OS and is Google Certified. One of the best devices I've tried for under...
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    Hi everyone

    There's plenty of good services on here...
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    Nvidia Shield

    Are you using a Premium version or Modded version of tivimate?
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    Believe because it's changed to JC Media
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    IPTV Smarters Pro v3.0 Update

    Too bad free version doesn't allow access to settings anymore
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    TIVIMATE Premium

    You will need to set up up another account
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    External player

    Yes you are correct
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    Website is down

    Had them a few months back. Was just an okay service. That's why you don't do long term subs, maybe 3 months at most. There's no refunds in the iptv world if stuff like this happens
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    Iptv smarters pro 2021 coming soon !!

    Have tried it and it's very nice
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    New IPTV and New welcome

    Just traded Mobus and it's a good service. O Only issue is I wish they accepted something else besides just Bitcoin.
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    New IPTV and New welcome

    I'm trying to purchase 1 month via website and payment says pending. It's been awhile now and status hasn't changed?
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    I believe Sportz TV offers 2 different services?
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    Reliable IPTV Companies Forum

    They are not accepting new customers at this time