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    Suggested Player for PDS Live

    I am having the same issue with Tivi mate. Works fine on my iphone with GSE IPTV app but is horrible on my firestick with Tivi mate
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    Game Master Server URL

    Can I get the M3U. Trying to set up with VLC. Does anyone know of a good way to watch on windows? Tired of watching on my phone screen
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    Is Gamemaster down??

    Down for me as well
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    Updated FAQ

    Can I get updated faq my epg is ahead by an hour even though the tivimate time is showing correct
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    Game Masters FAQ

    No I have GameMasters. I’m looking for a player that will support xtream codes
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Will this work with MYIPTV on windows? if so how do i get the url I need. If not what are the best alternatives for Windows
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    Game Masters FAQ

    FAQ. Please. Thank you
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Is it down for anyone else right now
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Is it down for anyone? Can’t access site to pay my bill either.
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Is there a new url. Getting an empty server
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Is it down for anyone else?
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    Games Masters IPTV

    Unable to pay bill at gamers.services. Stating critical error
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Is it not working for anyone else?
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    Game Masters FAQ

    Can someone send me the new payment info
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